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DeWalt DCS577 Flexvolt Worm Drive Saw: How To Install Blade

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Today at mmToolParts we are working with a DCS577 cordless worm drive saw. These battery powered circular saws from DeWalt are shaking up the power tool industry by out-powering even corded models from DeWalt and others. Able to make over 300 cuts on a single charge (according to DeWalt's internal research) you'll be burning through saw blades as you keep reaching for your Flexvolt saw on the job site. DeWalt recommends replacing the blade often. A fresh blade is safer, more precise and will extend the run time of the Flexvolt battery. Replacing a saw blade is something anyone can do themselves and we'll show you how simple it is to change the blade on a DeWalt DCS577 60V worm drive saw.

When choosing a blade for your Flexvolt saw, be sure to use a blade designed specifically for this type of saw. These blades are engineered for maximum run time, meaning they encounter less resistance when cutting. And like most worm drive saw blades they have a diamond shaped arbor hole. You'll definitely notice a difference between traditional and Flexvolt blades, so the first step when installing a new blade is to check that it's compatible with whatever saw it's going on.

DeWalt included a wrench that installs in the body of the saw. Pull this out and use it to remove the blade clamping screw. It's counter-threaded, so turn it clockwise to loosen. Depress the spindle lock button and remove the screw and blade clamp.

Place blade on the saw spindle against the inner clamp washer, making sure the blade will rotate in the proper direction (the direction of the arrow on the saw blade must point in the same direction as the arrow on the lower blade guard). The printing on the blade may not always be facing you when properly installed.

Replace clamp washer and screw. Clean any sawdust that may have accumulated in the guard or clamp washer area.

And that's it! You're ready to rock and roll!

For more detailed information, check out this video:

For OEM DeWalt parts, follow the link below:

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