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DeWalt DCS577 Flexvolt Worm Drive Saw: How To Replace Switch and Field (Part # N556110) shows you how to replace the power switch, control module and field (or stator) on your DCS577 cordless worm drive saw. If your saw is experiencing intermittent or decreased power, or if you're seeing sparks/smoke, it's a good idea to inspect your power supply components. Typically these can be difficult to diagnose and isolate exactly where the problem is coming from, but in this case DeWalt sells all of these components as one piece, part # N556110, taking the guesswork out of what needs replacement.

To start the switch and field replacement we'll need to open up the saw by removing the housing. It's secured with several T15, T20 and T25 Torx screws. Remove these, leaving the two in the middle.

With the housing removed you'll see the power switch, control module and field. Remove the battery cage completely to access the wiring underneath.

Under the battery cage is a clear plastic clip. Remove this next.

To remove the field, it's attached with 3 screws, remove these and then use a flathead screwdriver to pry up the field. It is magnetized on so it may take a bit of finagling.

With the field off, you can grab your new parts from and reinstall in reverse order. Take note of the spring near the battery cage, wiring, and trigger lock switch - make sure these are secure before replacing the housing.

Watch this video we made for more info on how to replace the switch and field in your DCS577!

All parts used in this video can be found at:

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