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DeWalt DCS577 Flexvolt Worm Drive Saw Review

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

"With more power than a standard worm drive... this promises to be one of the most powerful cordless circular saws available." -PTIA

After its initial debut, woodworkers at the DeWalt Experience 2017 were blown away by the performance of DeWalt's new 60V cordless worm drive circular saw. An audible "whoa" was released by those who had a chance to test the saw at the show, highlighting just how surprising the power and convenience of the new Flexvolt system is. The true advance in innovation rests on DeWalt's new Flexvolt battery, but the ergonomic handle design, super fast blade brake and included rafter hook are what users report loving most about this new, cordless design.

"Flexvolt is the battery that changed the way we look at cordless tools" -PTIA

Released in 2016 alongside five new 60V MAX and two new 120V MAX tools, the DeWalt Flexvolt Battery System would go on to win the Popular Science "Best of What's New"award that same year. Honoring "innovations that shape the future", this prestigious award has been handed out for advancements in anything from life-saving technology to space exploration innovation. A game changer in the way construction professionals look at cordless designs, Flexvolt is sending shock waves through the world of power tools.

Bringing the power of corded to a new lineup of 60V/120V MAX tools, what stands out most about Flexvolt is it's ability to automatically change between two voltages, making it backwards compatible and able to power DeWalt's previous lineup of 20V MAX tools while extending the run-time by up to 4x. Using automatic voltage switching technology, these batteries are plug-and-play with all of your existing cordless tools from DeWalt.

The DCS577 60V MAX worm drive saw relies on a single Flexvolt battery pack to produce 2400 watts of power, making it just as powerful, or even more powerful, than corded alternatives. Daily users report their battery lasting up to several days on a full charge. Reviewers have pushed the tool to find a power limit, intentionally attempting to cause a power fault or have the battery overheat, with no success. In fact, it tirelessly outperforms both corded and cordless alternatives from competitors.

DeWalt DCS577: Cutting the cord, once and for all

Harnessing power you have to see to believe, the under-the-hood innovation of Flexvolt is the kind of power professionals and hobbyists alike will come to rely on in this new lineup of 60V/120V MAX tools, but the convenience of cordless operation isn't the only thing to love in this new circular saw design.

The ergonomic handle has been noted by users who are familiar with a range of different models, touting it as the most comfortable handle design of any worm drive saw. Made of extra strong materials with an added rubber grip, the handle also creates a cage around the battery for serious protection, and puts the battery power level indicator right in the user's line of sight so there are no dead battery surprises. It features an automatic safety button to release the trigger similar to what can be found on most cordless power tools today.

The included rafter hook makes it convenient to hang the tool on the jobsite.

Safe operation was well thought out throughout the design process. DeWalt included a super fast blade brake capable of stopping the blade rotation almost as soon as the trigger is released. The brake will also engage if the saw encounters a kickback event, preventing a kickback from happening. Blade guards on top and bottom of the blade protect from accidental interaction with the blade and allow it to be safely set on the ground, or hung from the included rafter hook. Professional framers, concrete formers, carpenters, and general contractors can boost their safety and productivity with this tool.

Other features include an integrated dust blower to clear sawdust from the sight line when cutting and a durable magnesium shoe. DeWalt made this so durable, reviewers who have dropped the saw on the jobsite have reported zero damage to the saw. While not vital to the saws performance, little conveniences like these are what make the user experience of the DCS577 top notch.

When shopping for a DCS577 you'll come across a few different models:

DCS577B - Base saw, with no included battery or charger

DCS577t1 - Base saw, with (1) included 6.0ah Flexvolt battery and charger

DCS577t2 - Base saw, with (2) included 6.0ah Flexvolt batteries and charger

DCS577x1 - Base saw, with (1) included 9.0ah Flexvolt battery and charger


No matter what model you choose, the power of Flexvolt is something you have to experience for yourself. A major innovation in performance and safety, DeWalt is forever changing the way we look at cordless power tools.

For DeWalt OEM parts, follow the link below:

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