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DeWalt DCS577DC Dust Port Collection Adapter Review

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

DeWalt DCS577DC

Today at mmToolParts we got the opportunity to review one of the most common DeWalt DCS577 accessories - the DCS577DC dust port collection adapter. Standard configuration sends sawdust out the left side of the saw and downward, away from the operators face. The DCS577 also has sight line clearing technology, so sawdust doesn't land in front of the saw, blocking the view of the cut piece during operation. Even considering these thoughtful designs from DeWalt, there's still one major problem left unaddressed by the base model DCS577 - sawdust gets EVERYWHERE. To combat this inevitability, a DCS577DC dust port collection adapter allows you to attach a dust collection system to your DeWalt circular saw so you can spend more time moving projects forward, and less time cleaning up the aftermath.

Dust collection systems are a staple in any professional woodworking shop. The DCS577DC is an adapter that secures into factory drilled screw holes on the body of the DCS577, allowing a 1.5" dust collection hose to be fit onto the saw. The adapter is manufactured specifically for this model, so it won't fit on any other DeWalt products.

The benefits of dust collection extend beyond shop cleanliness. Capturing sawdust that might otherwise end up blocking air vents in your DCS577, or potentially any other tools in its path, can extend the life of all the tools in your shop.

Using an adapter behind the blade, a 1.5" dust collection hose can be attached

The only drawback to using a dust collection system is that it takes away from the cordless flexibility of the Flexvolt design. Easily detachable for situations when your saw needs to be truly cordless, we see this as a necessary evil in shop cleanliness. And after all, one vacuum hose is still easier to manage than a power cord and a vacuum hose.

Included you'll find the dust port attachment, fastening screws and assembly instructions.

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