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DeWalt Flexvolt Worm Drive DCS577: Carry Handle Replacement (Part # N519999)

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Released in 2016 along with DeWalt’s new Flexvolt battery system, the DCS577 is a step forward in cordless power tools. Capable of out-powering even a corded circular saw, these quickly become the preferred contractor’s choice on a jobsite.

DeWalt builds these tools to be abused, but they aren’t indestructible. If you’ve dropped yours one too many times and cracked the handle, which is more common than you’d think, there’s good news… Anyone can replace this handle themselves at home using parts from – a leader in tool repairs for over 80 years.

To start out, we’ll want to remove the battery. Safety FIRST!

The handle is attached to the housing with 4 Torx screws. Remove these and pull the handle free from the saw body.

Grab your new handle part # N519999 from mmToolParts and reinstall using the existing screws.

And that’s it! You’ve just saved your saws life. Now, don’t drop it again!

To order the parts used in this video (Part # N519999):

For more detailed information on how to replace the carry handle, watch this video:

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