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DW704 & DW705 - How To Replace the Armature

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

DeWalt miter saws are extremely durable tools that tend to last a lifetime. But anything with moving parts will tend to wear over time. If your DeWalt saw is experiencing a loss of power, intermittent power, or if you're seeing sparks/smoke come out of the motor housing there's a good chance your armature is ready for replacement. As the brushes and armature come in contact with each other these parts slowly wear down. A brush inspection is the first place to start with problems like these, but keep in mind a damaged brush often indicates a problem with the armature, so we recommend replacing these together. Replacing the armature is a very simple process, just remove the motor housing and the armature will be located underneath.

Step 1: Order parts. The armature for the DW704 & DW705 comes as a kit with a new motor housing, armature bearing and the armature itself.

Armature Kit for DW704 & DW705 types 4A-7:

Part # 5140021-93

Step 2: Remove brushes from either side of motor end cap using a flat head screwdriver. Worn brushes will be visually obvious. It is recommended to use new brushes whenever installing a new armature, even if they don't appear to be worn.

Step 3: Remove motor end cap.

Step 4: Undo the 4 bolts holding the motor housing in.

Step 5: Remove screws on the handle assembly, then the motor housing and handle assembly will slide off together.

Step 6: Remove old armature. It can be locked in pretty tight, use a light amount of force and wiggle different directions until it releases from the saw gears.

Step 7: Install new armature. This is simple, just put it in the same way it came out.

Step 8: Resecure handle assembly, motor housing and end cap.

Step 9: Replace brushes, test power.

And that's it! Replacing the armature can extend the life of your DeWalt miter saw indefinitely and will save you hundreds of dollars on a replacement. If you have any questions about the process, try watching this how-to video created by mmToolParts on replacing the armature in a DW704 or DW705.

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