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DW716 Miter Saw XPS Light Upgrade

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

DeWalt offered the DW716 in two versions - DW716 and DW716XPS. The only difference between the two was added XPS light technology on the XPS model, which can cost upwards of 50% more than the standard DW716. The XPS light casts a shadow over the saw blade into the cut area, showing exactly where the cut will drop and how wide it will be. Because it uses the actual saw blade to cast this shadow this is the most precise cut guide technology on the market. If you have a DW716 without XPS light, you can easily add this feature yourself by ordering an XPS light upgrade kit from These kits include the light itself, an on/off switch and new handle assembly as well as a free wiring harness. These harnesses are made specifically for the DW716 by mmToolParts to make the XPS light upgrade simple enough anyone can do it at home using just a few tools. We made a video tutorial to show you step-by-step how easy this feature is to add yourself, and how useful it can be.

624730-00, N030317, N078832

XPS Light Upgrade Kit:

Part #'s N030317; N078832; 624730-00

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I have a meter saw Dws716 can i add a light Kit ?

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