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DWS779 Miter Saw XPS Light Upgrade

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

XPS light shadow technology casts a shadow over the saw blade into the cut area, defining exactly where your cut is going to drop and how wide it will be. More accurate than laser guides, the XPS light never needs to be aligned or adjusted. The DWS779 and DWS780 are the same saw mechanically, but the DWS780 includes XPS light technology as standard equipment. The DWS780 can be as much as 50% more expensive just because it includes this feature. An XPS light upgrade kit can be purchased for the DWS779 saving you hundreds of dollars and can be installed in just a few minutes.

All XPS light upgrade kits from come with the light itself, an on/off switch, new handle assembly and include a free wiring harness to make the installation process a breeze. We make these wiring harnesses in-house specifically for the DWS779 so you know you'll have everything you need to complete this upgrade with ease.

To see the DWS779 XPS Light Upgrade Kit, click here:

Part #'s 624730-00, N030317, N078832

624730-00, N030317, N078832

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1 Comment

Nov 23, 2022

this is out of date, wire harness isn't free and isn't included. I found this out the hard way and now have spend nearly $100 and have no usable product. mmtool unwilling to help me out.

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