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DeWalt DCS577 Flexvolt Worm Drive Saw: How To Replace Lower Blade Guard (Part # N515400)

Released in 2016 along with their new Flexvolt battery system, DeWalt’s DCS577 Flexvolt Worm Drive is a leap forward in cordless circular saw design. Using a single 60V MAX battery, this saw can make well over 300 cuts on a single charge. And built to last a lifetime, this is contractor grade equipment.

Adding to the durability of the saw are the magnesium shoe and blade guards DeWalt used for a lighter, stronger design. Magnesium is 33% lighter than aluminum, 60% lighter than titanium and 75% lighter than steel. Yet for many applications, magnesium is stronger than all three of those, and can be cast into various parts for virtually anything you want to make lighter and stronger.

Durable doesn’t mean indestructible, however, and if you’re watching this video it’s likely you’ve found the limit of what your saw can take. The blade guard most often get damaged when dropping the tool but can also just wear over time.

Fortunately, the lower blade guard is simple to remove and replace by anyone at home using OEM DeWalt parts from – a leader in tool repairs for over 80 years! If you think you’re up for the challenge, grab your toolbox and follow me!

Before working on any cordless power tool, remove the battery. Safety first!

Step 1: Remove the Battery

We'll start by removing the blade and blade clamps. Depress the spindle lock button and use the wrench located in the body of the saw to remove the screw. This one is counter-threaded, so turn it clockwise to loosen.

Step 2: Remove the Blade and Blade Clamps

Behind the blade clamps is a retaining ring. Use tools like a flathead screwdriver to pry up one end of the retaining ring and work it off the saw spindle.

With the retaining ring removed, the lower blade guard will come free from the saw. It's still held on by the spring, so removing it might take a bit of finagling.

Step 4: Detach Lower Blade Guard from Saw/Spring

Install your new lower blade guard by attaching the spring first and placing it over the saw spindle. Then open up the retaining ring like a key ring and reinstall by locking one end down first and continue locking down until the entire ring is in place.

Step 5: Open Retaining Ring Like a Key Ring and Lock One End Down First

Replace blade clamps and blade on saw spindle.

Step 6: Replace Blade and Clamps

And that's it! For more detailed information, try watching the video below where we show you how to replace the lower guard on a DCS577 cordless worm drive saw:

For parts used in this video, visit - a leader in tool repair for over 80 years!

DeWalt DCS577 Lower Blade Guard:

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